We design and crafted a jewellery at P.N Gadgil & Sons which last lifetime and required minimal or no maintenance. Gold jewellery is easy to handle and care but jewellery comes with precious stones and diamonds need an extract attention

Jewelry Importance

Jewelry enhances one’s beauty and it adds extra value to the overall appearance of anyone. Almost everyone, especially women are fond of pieces of jewellery either it’s made up of gold , silver , diamonds or oxidised which is less expensive. Expensive and heavy jewellery which are worn occasionally. Simple finger rings, earrings, chains , mangal sutra , nose pins can be worn on a daily basis.

Guidelines to maintain Jewelries

When in Kitchen remove jewelry: Metals are highly reacted to chemicals. Remove them while cooking, gardening or cleaning home as there are chances which may cause damage to jewellery.
Avoid jewelleries in Pools and Spas: As the pool water has some amount of chlorine it may react with jewellery metals and cause allergy to one’s Skin as well. In spas, chemicals are used on skin and hair. It is a good idea to remove them to avoid side effects
Wear jewellery after applying makeup: Cosmetics, perfumes, hair sprays, makeup kits, lotions contain chemicals more or less that may react to jewellery metals. Avoid damaging jewellery by applying makeup first then wearing expensive accessories

Guidelines to clean jewellery at home

Clean Jewelry with warm water: Jewellery which is worn on daily basis should be clean once in an every couple of weeks. Take some warm water in a bowl and put all your jewellery in water. Leave them for 15-20 minutes and then clean with fresh clean water
Remove jewelry before taking Bath: Soap or body wash can make the jewelry look dull and less shiny. Sometimes soap particles sit in jewelry designs cause it looks dirty and unhygienic. Best practice is to remove before bathing
Clean your Jewelry with extra Care:Always keep ornaments in jewelry polishing cloth for best result, As professional cloth are best as they are designed for jewellery purpose. Avoid tissue or paper towel as they may cause scratches because of fibres in them
We hope you had got some handy tips to handle jewelry and maintain it.