Gudhi Padwa is considered as an auspicious day for buying gold and everyone does buy gold on this day. However, a customer always wonders; what’s a correct time to buy gold? Whatever will the rates go up or down during festive days? And can’t really figure out when to buy. To solve this issue, P N Gadgil & Sons has come up with a unique scheme, which is first of its kind in the country. Customers can book his gold purchase on any day between 12-27th March; by paying the full amount to take the delivery on Padwa Day. And choose the rate between booking day and Padwa day whichever is LOWER. This ensures him the lowest possible price and that too out of his choice. P N Gadgil & Sons have always been known for their customer friendly policies and trust the customers will appreciate this unique offer. Speaking on the occasion Amit Modak, CEO P N Gadgil & sons said, “Under this offer, customers can book the gold in advance with us. The booking will be open on Sunday, March 12 to Monday, March 27. Customers will be billed as per the rate of gold on the day of booking. Once the booking is done, they must pay the entire billing amount including VAT as an advance payment. On the day of ‘Gudi Padwa’, when customers will visit our outlets, they will be offered the gold rate of the Booking Day or Gudi Padwa whichever is the lower.” For example, if the gold rate on March 15th is Rs. 29,700/- per ten grams and it increased to Rs. 31,000/- per ten grams on the day of Gudi Padwa, customers will be billed at a lower rate of the two which is Rs. 29,700/- per ten grams. In case the rate of gold on the booking day is Rs. 31,000/- per ten grams and it comes down to Rs. 29,700/- per ten grams on Gudi Padwa; then the customers will be charged at Rs. 29,700/ being the lower rate. In such case, the customer will get the refund by cash if the amount is less than Rs. 2000/- or else it will be paid by cheque. With this latest addition, P N Gadgil & Sons will have total 16 showrooms to serve their patrons which are spread across the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Karnataka.