India is famous for its detailed artwork when it comes to Jewellery designs. Temple Jewellery is one of its kind and is now increasingly coming into the Fashion scene with its rich aesthetics that resonate Indianness.

The Beginning of Temple Jewellery

Temple Jewellery is believed to have originated somewhere in the 9th century in Chola Dynasty period and has its roots in South India. Temple jewellery, much like the name suggests, was earlier used to adorn the idols of Indian deities, gods, and goddesses. Indian temples still retain the practice of adoring the idols with gold jewellery. Be it the Madurai temple or Saptashrungi temple of Vani, temple jewellery can be seen adorned by many deities in India. The ornaments comprise of intricately crafted bangles , earrings, necklace , waist belt, nose rings, and anklets. Traditionally the Temple Jewellery is crafted in gold and several precious stones and gems. It is traditionally worn on auspicious occasions and festivals as it brings good luck and is extremely popular these days with Indian women. Its unique design also attracts many foreign tourists to buy these as souvenirs.

Temple Jewellery Designs and Accessories

Temple Jewellery traditionally available in Earrings, Noserings, Necklace, Waist Band, Temple Pendants and much more. Especially the pendants of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha are very popular. The Jewellery looks very heavy and gives a traditional finish to one’s personality. The exquisite Classic collection of Temple jewellery is also available from a trustworthy brand like PNGadgilandSons . The brand resonates the purity and classic look adorned by many Indian deities and remains an evergreen collection which is always in demand. Check out the Classic collection of necklace, earrings, bajuband, hairbands, bracelets under Made to Order section on OnlinePNG. The collection is a must have for every Indian woman and the best part is they customise your order according to your budget, liking and requirement.

Importance of Temple Jewellery

The jewellery is an incarnation of Goddesses Laxmi and Lord Ganesha, it is a symbol of Prosperity and wealth which brings luck and peace. Temple jewellery goes well with simple traditional sarees and dresses which are without embroidery designs. The rich and heavy temple jewellery completes the look with traditional and ethnic touch. Temple Jewellery is a beautiful gift for your very special ones. So next time you think of a gift for your wife, sister or mother – Buy from the Classic collection of Temple jewellery and delight your loved ones.