The jewellery of India is as varied as the languages and culture spread across the country. Maharashtra is famous for its rich heritage and culture, from this Tradition arises our Top Must Have Traditional Jewellery for every Maharashtrian woman which will enhance their beauty further. P N Gadgil & Sons is the name that comes to mind immediately when we talk about Traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery. With a legacy of more than six generations, they are one of the most Trusted and reputed name in the country. For an Indian woman, Gold is SACRED, its indestructible, it’s beautiful and it’s her treasure. In the Indian culture Gold is synonymous to Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth. Yellow Glittery metal (Gold) is one of the India’s biggest expenses on its Import bill. India’s Gold imports stands at approx. 800-900 tonnes annually. Today GOLD is looked upon as • Equivalent of Liquid Cash (Can you forget the #Demonitization Rush to Buy Gold in November’2016 ? ) • It’s a status symbol. • Good Investment option (Gold has traditionally given +ve appreciation year after year.) • Great Gift item (Can a Hindu marriage happen without a Gold Ornament (Mangalsutra)?) A married Maharashtrian Women look is not complete without Paithani, Green Bangles, Chandra shaped bindi, Mangalsutra, Gold Bangles, Nath (Nose-pin), Ear-rings and Necklace at the bare-minimum. We bring to you some of the most loved and in true sense traditional Maharashtrian jewellery types in a series of blogs. • NATH (NOSE RING) nath It is a Jewel of Maharashtra, a true traditional Maharashtrian design. In Marathi, nose ring is called Nath or Motyachi Nath or Marathi Nath. It is normally a nose jewellery made of gold, pearls, and green-n-red special beads or precious stones. It is used in all kinds of occasions like marriage, poojas and festivals. It is one of the Soubhagya Alankar (auspicious ornament) of Maharashtrian woman. Normally used on left side nostril, Nath-clip type (meant for the modern Marathi mulgi) can be enjoyed without piercing nose also. In Maharashtra the typical traditional nath is also called "Peshwai nath" introduced at the time of Peshwa's around 300 years back. It’s a great idea to gift Gold Nath to your better half this new year. Your trusted PNGadgil&Sons is now online for your convenience check out their collection. The best thing is jewellery on ONLINEPNG.COM is available at Store Prices and they are running a Flat 25% off on Silver jewellery. Do post your comments on what should be the next you want to read and shop for.