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PNG & Sons Jewellery


On November 29, 1832, Ganesh set his foot in the jewellery business with “Ganesh Narayan Gadgil “, his own jewellery business. Years passed, and Gadgils had their business flourishing in Sangli. The Brand got its name “Purshottam Narayan Gadgil” (PNG) two generations later after the then family head Mr. Purushottam Gadgil.

The family has always followed policies of trust, transparency, and splendid craftsmanship with great customer service. This legacy since 1832, lead the business towards the silver line of success today. In 2012 PNG & Co demerged, and P.N. Gadgil & Sons were formed by Mr. Govind Gadgil & Dr. Renu Gadgil. November 2017 P.N.Gadgil & Sons became a limited company.

PNG & Sons Jewellery

P. N. Gadgil & Sons Ltd

With the legacy of six generations, we are one of the oldest and most reputed jewellers in Maharashtra. We follow the legacy of trust, transparency, craftsmanship and warm relationship with our customers. We believe in maintaining warm relations with all our customers.

We have extremely experienced, hardworking, and innovative designers who design jewellery according to customer needs. We, as a jewellery business, have always encouraged new designers and promote new budding artists. P.N.Gadgil & Sons Ltd. has always being a trendsetter in the Jewellery industry with a unique & beautiful designs.

PNG & Sons Jewellery PNG & Sons Jewellery
PNG & Sons Jewellery

Our Activities

Under P.N.Gadgil & Sons Ltd., we arrange various community programs such as Blood donation camps, Free Medical Checkup, Clean & Green support camps, etc. We also support underprivileged children with educational support. Under Clean & Green Camps, tree samplings are plated across 3 states, namely Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat.