Females can lead to Retail Jewellery

In the 21st century, everyone talks about Women Empowerment and celebrates Women's Day too. In the last few years women's social life has improved a lot. But, in many workplaces, the story is totally different. Women aren't treated at par with men and even they are less paid as compared to male candidates. This issue has been raised many times on various platforms.

Traditionally women workforce ratio is always been high in the Retail industry than the Industrial sector. The jewellery industry is male-dominated in India and hardly anyone dares to appoint a woman employee as a leader to manage such high-risk business. P. N. Gadgil & Sons Ltd. (PNG Sons) which is also known as PNG SONS has a different view from the others. In fact, PNG Sons who are pioneers to introduce new jewellery trends also first one in the organized Retail Jewellery sector to appoint women as showroom managers. To encourage the inert qualities of women employees and to promote the new leaders in the high-risk business of jewellery PNG Sons promoted a number of women employees at a leadership level. This was not a forced exercise but it was a natural employee upscaling towards a leadership role.

While speaking to Dr. Renu Gadgil we come to know that PNG Sons Chinchwad (Co-managed), Aundh, Bhosari, Nashik Road, Nashik, Badlapur & Osmanabad showrooms are managed by women for more than two years now. Even household responsibilities are not restraining them from their professional service/ career. Though it was not a cakewalk for them, Achieving such a prestigious position in such value, High-risk business was much conscious but toll taking decision on their personal life front for many of them. Jewellery business demands a higher level of dedication as this business requires micromanagement skills (such as inventory management, sales reinforcement, constant personal interaction with customers and internal stakeholders), Long working hours, Attending the never-ending complex queries from the customers etc…. the list is unending.

While interacting with these special women it was noticed that all of these leaders have achieved their current status with dedication and immense commitment towards their work. It was very much a known fact that they chose to give away their routine leisure lifestyle for the same. Their Hard working nature and capacity to stretch individual as well as social boundaries have paid well. Some of them have accomplished their dream of buying their own house at metros whereas some got the individual identity in their respective city while working in PNG Sons. The vision and opportunities given by previous managers guided them to achieve current success. To their blessed fortune, there is an exceptional example in front of them that Dr. Renu Gadgil Director of PNG Sons herself is involved in the day to day operations of the business without keeping any limitations of gender.

While Speaking to Pravina Dusane, Swati Jadhav, Smita Mudhol, Pushpa Naik they highlighted the fact that over the years while working with PNG Sons they have got their individual identity in their respective cities. All of them notice an improvement in their self-confidence and a positive attitude towards life.

Triveni Chalke, Vinaya Parulekar mentioned that working with PNG Sons has yielded them not only success in professional life but also enable to fulfill their personal dream-like owning house in metro cities. Manali Gharat, Mayuri Salvi and Yogita Shinde have learned new skills and upgrade themselves to immerge as leaders with the support of seniors. Smita Ghatpande (Finance-Indirect Taxes), Sabiha Yalagi (IT), Pranjali Patwardhan (HR, Finance) & Kshitijaa Apte (Marketing) notice huge exposure and bundle of opportunities extended by PNG Sons management. Also, it was a common comment from all of them that they have received in-depth knowledge and guidance from their superiors from time to time. Dr. Renu Gadgil is one of few ladies from the Gadgil family who actively taking part in Jewellery Business.

Mr. Amit Modak, Director-CEO, PNG Sons said, “Based on months of experience and observations on PNG Sons work style, we have selected women leaders and initially we have given shadow managerial position at various locations to observe their capabilities. In the due course of expansion, we have elevated them as an independent showroom in charge at various locations in Maharashtra.” He also stated that their two highest revenue-generating showrooms Nashik & Chinchwad are currently successfully managed by women leaders.

Dr. Renu Gadgil said, “We haven't seen jewellery business is managed by women managers. And we have decided to inculcate the women leadership at our showrooms as women are also capable to run this complex and high-risk business.” After the series of discussions with many capable women employees on various points and understanding their views, PNG Sons started re-skilling program and then deployed them at various locations to test their leadership skills.”

“In Indian culture, we worship Goddess which is a symbol of women's power, but, in reality, they don't have enough standing in the business world. We are being in the jewellery business since 1832 always worked for women empowerment. We not only encourage the women to join this male-dominated jewellery business but also encourage them to be successful leaders in the retail jewellery sector. Our half of headcount is Female and we are happy to give them a chance to lead at various levels. We would like to show the industry that women are capable and they are the hidden treasure of this precious business,” Mr. Govind Gadgil Chairman of PNG Sons Said while concluding the conversation.